An opportunity to discover
a deeper appreciation
of your relationship.

What We Do

Endorsed and approved by the Catholic Church

The Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend is a presentationally formatted structure which contains five interrelated themes: The Family we grew up in, Sacramental Marriage, Communication, Intimacy, and Values. We use this Outline design in a way that allows these themes to be developed as the weekend unfolds.

The themes are woven into several talks, focused not on the wedding day, but about a married couple living their life together. “A Wedding is a Day, A Marriage is a Lifetime”. In helping couples prepare for a great marriage, they need great tools. The most important tool they will need is the ability to communicate effectively and openly – one of the focuses of the weekend.

The talks are presented by a priest and married couples in a group setting. The engaged couples are then given “couple time” to focus on each other, writing after each talk, sharing their writings with each other, and discussing their thoughts and feelings with each other in a safe and loving setting.


Our upbringing has influenced much of the way we lead our lives. Our family traditions and values influence our lives and are partly responsible for the expectations and attitudes we bring into our marriage.


The Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church isn’t the same as just getting married. You will discover that the covenant you will be entering into is much more than a marriage contract and that God is with you in your sacrament.


Good communication is a key to building a successful marriage. This includes the words said, the way they were said, and non-verbal cues.


Knowing someone fully means we are connecting with the other person not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.


Values are things we believe are important. We make sacrifices to make them part of our lives. Establishing common values is essential to a successful marriage.

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