Featured Enrichment Activity: Yes or No? 

This is a quick (10-minute) activity designed to reinforce the concepts and values of communication, unity, and mutual decision-making in marriage. (Also – it’s just fun!) Our local presenters often use this “Yes or No” game as a lead-in to the break that we give couples on Saturday afternoon.

  1. Ask each person to find a blank page in their weekend notebook and write numbers 1 through 35 on the lines of that page.
  2. Explain that you are going to read a series of 35 short statements out loud, and that each person should either write “y” for yes or “n” for no next to the respective number.

The Questions: 

1. I prefer red wine to white wine.

2. I didn’t answer question 1 because I don’t drink alcohol.

3. I squeeze toothpaste……from the bottom of the tube.

4. I prefer cats to dogs…for house pets.

5. I don’t want animals…for house pets.

6. I want the first two years of marriage.

7. I would like a child of my own sex…even if it means trying again…..after we’ve

reached the number of children we’ve agreed upon.

8. I’d be open to adoption…..if we can’t conceive children on our own.

9. Smoking bothers me.

10. Hair left on the soap…in the shower…bothers me.

11. We will mutually decide on our children’s names.

12. I would shower together with my spouse.

13. It’s important to me…that we eat a family.

14. I like to travel …for vacations…not stay near home.

15.| would not mind…vacationing by myself……sometimes.

16.1 see nothing wrong..with the husband being the primary cook in the family.

17.Quality time…to the two of us…alone.

18. We should make a will within six months of our marriage…..if not sooner.

19.1 would be willing to move…to advance my spouse’s career.

20. Both of us should work…after having children.

21. The most important thing we can give our children is security.

22.1 like watching television in bed.

23.1 enjoy dinner by candlelight.

24. We will open our gifts.on Christmas Eve.

25. I feel comfortable…discussing sex.

26. There is.only one way…to hang toilet paper.

27.1 enjoy eating and cooking healthy foods.

28. Life is short, and I like to eat whatever I want.

29. We will open…a joint bank account.

After you have finished reading the list of questions to the group, have the men and women gather at opposite ends of the room. Then select a question and tell them the number only — not the full question. Instruct the people who answered “yes” to get together on one side and the “no” responders to meet up on the other side. Then read the full question, so they can take note of where their fiancé stands – as well as what proportion of people are like-minded on that topic.

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