Catholic Engaged Encounter of Tulsa

Notice To The Engaged Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

EFFECTIVE 7/6/2021

Catholic Engaged Encounter seeks to provide the best preparatory weekend experience for a sacramental marriage. We also recognize certain people or locations may still have limitations due to COVID-19. For this reason, some of our communities are still scheduling online weekends with a continued emphasis on your relationship as an engaged couple and your impending sacramental commitment with God at its center. Many other communities have reached a phase where they meet face-to-face in a limited capacity with several precautions and many other communities are shifting back to full overnight stay retreats.

We invite you to contact your local diocese or click the “Find Locations” option on this website to find your local CEE community contact. The contacts will be able to help you determine a date that works best for your situation. 

We pray that our Lord will prepare your hearts and minds for the sacrament of marriage to which He has called you. May He continue to bless and guide you with each passing day as you plan your future together. Amen

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